The Art of Abstractwith Riley Rudolph Rewington

Photo of Riley Rudolph Rewington

Riley started out as musician and street performance artist, and now blends painting and photography with audio, video, and computer multimedia to create what he calls 'Music and Multimedia Artworks.' Riley's innovations in using multimedia to express art have created a youth culture movement in his town of Portland, in which he remains at the forefront. In his role as the founder of the MMA art form, Riley has become an inspiration to many up and coming artists. However, the part Riley insists is most important to him, is that he's helped many troubled youth take control of their lives, and create their own unique, positive futures. Seeing kids he's mentored graduate from high school and enroll in college, gives art the purpose that Riley so craves.

A first-year student at the Roux Academy of Art, Media, and Design, Riley is already changing the face of modern art at the university. Riley's exquisite abstract pieces have no intention of ever being understood, but instead beg the viewer to dream, create, pretend, and envision with their mind's eye. Riley will be speaking on the 'Art of Abstract' during Thursday's schedule.